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Reviews Posted by: Vidur

11 Reviews

Lazeez Restaurant

"Yum! " 18 Aug 2008
The rolls in Lazeez tasted awesome and were priced moderately. Just the sort of thing all hungry students love for lunch!!


"Hangout 101!" 20 Aug 2008
If you ever want to be reminded of how a hangout should be like, run on down to airlines! This is the one place which can draw in college students and the occasional CEO who likes to remember the good 'ol days! Plus its the only place that I know of where you don't have to pay for parking!! Kudos!!!


"Eating out in paradise!" 01 Sep 2008
I've been to Britto's thrice so far and the food never ceases to amaze me! The whole experience of watching waves rolling onto the beach, while enjoying a bowl of prawn fried rice (my favorite) is sure to make make the greatest cynics complete believers.

La Brasserie

"King Club Sandwich " 02 Sep 2008
The restaurant as classy as it is, makes you wonder whether the authenticity of an Indian dish would be on par with the home cooked meals one has grown accustomed to so far and once you have tasted the biryani all your doubts will be put to rest. Another stomach filler would be the club sandwich which kept me full for two meals!


"Nice" 04 Sep 2008
Taipan is not a place I would usually go to eat but, after tasting the food there I would gladly eat there anytime. The juices they serve are to die for! The way in which the meat is prepared is unlike any other restaurant I've been to.