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Reviews Posted by: Ashutosh

4 Reviews


"A full stomach for 50 bucks!" 22 Dec 2008
Crystal almost reminds you of home food, if you are one of the many home sick revelleres in Mumbai! A post-nostalgic hangover is best shed over chapatis, daal, baingan bhartha and a bowl of kheer (There's more also!). Situated on a quaint corner at Chowpatty, Crystal is small, vegeterian, unpretentious and very affordable. You can hog till you drop while the bill may hardly budge beyond 50 bucks! Like all good old food places, be ready to counter moody waiters, ques and tight schedules. Lunch: 12 - 3 pm Dinner: 7 - 10 pm

Eat Around the Corner

"Indolent & Low Cal" 11 Jul 2009
Come here if you love space, salads, sandwich and serenity bang in the middle of Bandra! Not many places in Mumbai boast of a sumptous, affordable (just about!) menu as spread out as the restaurant itself. Carry your ipod or a book and idle away to glory without a bother in the world. It's chilled out, quiet and private also! Friendly service is an add on. JAC is a self service fast food joint off Linking Road best known for its salads. What you should not miss out on is its sandwiches and house special burgers. An extensive buffet style salad bar (make your own salad) is the main attraction. Try the Ranch House Special burger (beef) and the Basic Ham sandwich for some best meat in town. Meal for one should not exceed Rs 250. Go grub!


"It's Shut Down!" 11 Jul 2009
Sorry! The place closed down long back!

Blue Frog

"Live the Music and Get Bankrupt!" 11 Jul 2009
I have not seen any other place like this! Hypnotic interiors, super eccelctic live music and and a menu to match Warren Buffet's wallet! Come here only if You: 1. Freak out on good music 2. Fussy about the quality of crowd around you 3. Love cocktails 4. Are rich 5. Can ignore the waiter ignoring you unless you are a celeb! 6. Want to bloody impress your date 7. Brush past a few Bollywood heart-throbs 8. May be get clicked at the entrance ala Pg 3 9. Cant dance 10. Heck you just feel like a celeb! Go grub! Probably the best place to hang out in the Sin City!