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Ashok Nanjapa


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Reviews Posted by: Ashok

8 Reviews


"Good continental food" 05 Oct 2008
This place has totally blown my socks off. I may even venture to say that it serves some of the best food in Bangalore. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the quality stays top notch. Knowing the owners I am confident that it will remain a great restaurant! Their Prawn cocktail is fantastic and definitely worth a visit for. They also serve fish you might not get anywhere else in Banglore or maybe the country! On the day I ate there they had imported Mahi Mahi which was cooked to perfection. Also try the pork chops, another one of my favorites.


"Grt Mediterranean at GRT!" 23 Sep 2009
Azulia has some great decor with a large show kitchen. A nice wine selection accompanies their interesting menu. Often the Chef comes out and offers his recommendations and two cents on the food. It really adds to the quality of the experience. Azulia is a comfortable family restaurant, my grandkids are always well taken care of. Albeit expensive the quality of the food and service makes it worth it. I like their starters and grilled lamb as an entree. I have been there about three times and do plan to go back soon.

Kailash Parbat

"Clean Pani Puri- finally!" 23 Sep 2009
A Clean upmarket place for Chaats. It is located on the first floor in a residential area above French Loaf. The approximately 35 seater restaurant has adopted a somewhat open kitchen system. It is great to know you can get hygienically served paani puri and not worry about the water being dirty! A must try is the Battata Vada. Don't go looking for low priced chaats, it seems you are paying for the quality of the food. Service is good and fast. And if you have time visit the chocolate store on the next floor, a good place to get some sweet with your spice. A great addition to the restaurant scene in Chennai.

On the Rocks

"This place rocks!" 23 Sep 2009
Located in the Park Sheraton Hotel, this upmarket international fusion cuisine restaurant is definitely the hotel's great addition. The decor is very impressive as is the wine library. It has a large open kitchen and lounge bar attached to it. Their signature is food served on a slab of volcanic rock heated to 400C, hence the name. The varieties of raw meat (pork, duck, tenderloin and more) that you can cook on the rocks is large and so are the sauces you can use. The staff are enthusiastic and well trained. The food is pricey with a minimum of Rs.3000 for two without alcohol, but its worth the experience.


"No fire here!" 23 Sep 2009
The rave reviews here and elsewhere surprise me. I would say it is very sub par for a 5 star hotel. Both this bar and the hotel are in desperate need of a makeover. The staff at the bar are poorly attired and service is average. Cleanliness is definitely an issue and often the subdued lighting hides this. A 2 star place with 5 star prices!