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Reviews Posted by: Hungry

86 Reviews

La Boulangerie

"A slice of Paris in Chennai!" 16 Jun 2008
This place is worth the drive no matter where you live. Great pies, sandwiches and more. The chicken quiche was excellent. The service is great too and knowing that all you buy and eat supports a social cause makes it even better!


"Thai-licous!" 16 Jun 2008
I always make it a point to visit the restaurant every time I am in town, although the prices don't make this a very cheap option! The char-grilled duck , mein kam (wrapped in leaves) and their soups are my favorites. My niece cannot have enough of their chocolate souffle and they have pretty refreshing drink served out of a coconut shell.

Barbeque Nation

"Cool concept but there could be more!" 16 Jun 2008
I hate being the only one calling it "not bad" but that really was my experience! The concept is great and food looks even better. But the service was a bit tardy (took ages to get a drink, there was a lot of back and forth between the waiter and the guy in the suit before it arrived!) and the food was very spicy. The grill was a neat touch, it didn't get too hot sitting at the table yet kept the food warm until we were ready. The buffet is nice too but kind of small. They were out of a few of the desserts and the empty bowls stayed empty while patrons scraped spoon against the bowls to get every last drop out of them. I might still go back but not in a hurry!

Cha Bar

"Amidst great Chai and books!" 05 Jul 2008
My first time as this book store was earlier this year, and although I think the selection is a bit limited I definitely want to go back. The store has some neat reading areas with the best of course being the Cha Bar. This a neat cafe style area on the upper level of the store. They have a huge selection of teas, juices and snacks. Now I must confess I did not try any of the snacks. But we were four of us and each of us tried one of their cold teas, each of a different flavor and they were pretty good. All in all, it was just a good experience, the service was nice, the drinks were good and we were left undisturbed with our books sipping our tea for hours!


"A bit of everything" 02 Aug 2008
Tangerine is the usual mix of everything continental and Indian. Nothing quite seems completely Indian or completely continental, each cuisine seems to influence the other in their dishes. Either way what comes on to your table is pretty good. We tried a few of their chicken entres and cannot really complain., nothing blew our minds, but we left satisfied and fed. I'd say give this place a try.