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Samyuktha Pritham Chakravarthy


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About me  A college student who loves travel, and seeing new places and people.

Reviews Posted by: Samyuktha

9 Reviews

Leopold Cafe and Bar

"A Quiet Evening and a Pitcher" 24 Jun 2008
The crowd is mixed in nationality, attitude, and purpose. My day was fulfilled with a pitcher of beer, a dear friend, and hot chicken steak. The service is very slow - they believe giving you as much peace as possible. The brilliance is that you can order hot water and whiskey to cure a bad throat, or slowly get sloshed with beer or vodka. It pinches the average student pocket, but to be holidaying around Colaba I would definitely drop in for some quiet drink.


"Peaceful place for a reader and singer" 27 Jun 2008
I used to live right next to this cafe and I enjoyed spending my evenings in this place. It gives you the space and the time to do what you want. If you want to freak out and sing to some old English, Hindi or Tamil songs, this is the place. If you want to cultivate your voice culture, this is the place. My favourite aspect of this cafe is interior designing. I love to sit on the outside porch and look into the sea. I make sure I grab a book or sketchbook to get along with myself, because the serving takes it own great time to get to you. You'll take a look at the menu and as a student gasp a bit at the right side; and start pinching your pocket. However, one coffee, a book, music, and the sea is not a bad bargain. When my friends landed up at my place, and I was there in front of task to host and entertain people. I take them down the road to this bright yellow building and give them loud or quiet evening they ask for. Go there for its variety, but just try to understand those slow and "peaceful" waiters who love their kitchen and stay there "all" the time.


"Get a treat" 29 Jun 2008
One more of those places where the customer is left to their thoughts, whims and fancies. I grab a book or my sketchbook to spend time under the green net-covered canopy. Ice tea to cappuccino, sandwiches to pasta, all of them are really good, tasty, and filling. However, just check how fat your wallet is before you order something. Alongside a colourful boutique, this quiet cafe gets along all day with a variety of people landing to catch up on memories, to wish away work, to concentrate on ****ignments, and to laze around. The boutique has some of the best hand woven designer clothes. You can get yourself colourful cotton boxers too. The place for everything, but please don't go there unless you know someone is going to treat you or that you know you can resist a cappuccino and still enjoy the atmosphere. Chirpy, peaceful, filled with lives!

Ente Keralam

"The Malayali Gold" 01 Jul 2008
Can you afford Gold, you can afford the food here? Authentically created Keralite cuisine provided for the Malayalees away from home. However, for some of us students who love Keralite cuisine and want to catch one of our favourite meals find it hard to save up. A la carte meal for Rs. 350 does not seem that heavy a price, but for the food I would rather they charge lesser. Being a well-bred Tamilian, I like my biriyani mixed with the masala on the hot tava before serving. The biriyani in this place is offered in a dish, with the masala below and the rice on top of it. Weird! The place seats around 100 and does get crowded during festivals. Surely try the Syrian beef fry. All Syrian Christians make this dish with succulent flavour. Try their Appam and Stew too. Gold, but copper, and food.


"Beautiful!" 03 Jul 2008
It's not my fault that I get treated to most of the places I choose to dine. the place is very exquisitely decorated. Lovely, is the word. Get your tastes around some soups and noodles. I loved it there! They have a lovely atmosphere. Calm, musical, and charming. The place could put you to a meditative sleep. It's the customers who get excited and shout across the massive, long family tables. The food surely wakes me up, but like most eastern food, one mile of walking gets it all digested. You'll be ready for a meal in no time. The food is succulent, tasty, but choose the price. If you want to take out someone for a nice dinner, dine in this place! Enjoy.