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Reviews Posted by: Vinayak

1 Reviews

Guitar Hall - Chembur

"First Time In Mumbai!" 18 Dec 2009
The idea of guitar training for everyone is not so new. Many guitar/music teachers have been teaching from their homes and many teachers have been teaching at schools,colleges.But the training provided by Guitar Hall since more than a decade has pioneered music education in Mumbai. Guitar teachers or hobby classes, mostly, is lacking in professional training & theory. In many places the basics of music is taught with not so detailed information. The theory of music is simply not there. Guitar Hall at Mumbai is fulfilling that need for people who are serious about studying & learning music the right way. Those who are looking for something beyond other ordinary guitar classes who claim ,’Learn guitars in 30 days’ and others who teach you just a few chords, scales and a few basic tunes in the first 3-4 months. Firstly let me tell you frankly you don’t need to join any classes to learn chords, scales and basic tunes. You can do that yourself at home. Always ask the classes/institutes what would be the syllabus. I did the same with all the guitar classes before stumbling upon Guitar Hall where I found the syllabus for the beginning module itself was very comprehensive and diverse, way beyond chords and scales. At Guitar Hall you start guitar playing with sight reading right from the very first day. The students are constantly monitored while they work out the lessons. Assessments are made on the skills acquired. The Guitar Hall lessons are created with in depth study & research that’s for sure as I’ve never encountered such a challenging syllabus before. The Guitar Hall tagline,’ No quick fixes’ holds very true when you start studying at Guitar Hall. And the end result is that students reach a very good level after the completion of the first module itself. The faculty is trained from Guitar Hall itself who have done their training in Mumbai and also worked in Mumbai music circuit for years. That is a big advantage. Another advantage is the timings. Since it is part-time, students can have the facility of joining and attending classes anytime, apart from their daily routine. Also unlike other classes who function only once/twice a week, Guitar Hall is open throughout the week, Sunday included. So flexibility is absolutely no issue. Slight irritant can be the location for Trinity College London exam center, where students have to travel to other corners of city. They must make their Guitar Hall center itself as a venue for Trinity College London exams. Another irritant is the parking. With hundreds of students coming every week from the entire city and other places from Maharashtra and even other states like Gujarat ,etc.they must take parking into consideration. Guitar Hall being located at the central business hub of Chembur,forget 4 wheelers you would struggle to park even a cycle! How about valet parking??!Though Guitar Hall is centrally located and people from entire Mumbai city can easily access Guitar Hall. Students and working professionals will find the Guitar Hall syllabus and structure very useful for their career. I would recommend all guitar lovers to join Guitar Hall because as I mentioned earlier the syllabus is quite vast. You can log onto their website for more details: