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Reviews Posted by: Madras

19 Reviews

Ente Keralam

"Take it with a bit of spice.. maybe more" 23 Nov 2008
Ente Keralam's proximity to my home has me going there more often than I can actually count. But the continued visits make an ambiance that boasts Kerala and waiters in traditional attire all become blasé. The food is reasonably priced, delicious yes but very spicy. A few morsels of food and you yearn to down several cups of cool buttermilk. But beware their buttermilk is just as spicy if not more. The vegetable stew a popular accompaniment to aapams is strangely enough especially sweet, could almost be a dessert. However one must dwell on the good too, the deep fried prawns are a delicious snack and so are the steamed puttus. The puttus made with brown rice make a healthy dish. The unique open kitchen, the value for money food, the well done interiors and the more than few good dishes make this place an at least "once try" restaurant.


"What Chennai needed!" 23 Nov 2008
A truly Mediterranean experience in the heart of Chennai, who would have thought! The hummus. Tablouleh, pita bread and a host of other delicacies make a very sumptuous meal. Lebanese is one of my favorite cuisines and having tried Lebanese food in several restaurants around the world, I must say their food comes pretty close to being authentic. The hummus however wasn't quite up to the mark, could have been the Indian chick peas that make the difference. The pita bread was pretty good but did taste a little too yeasty for my liking. Not sure if it was just that batch for the day, have to go back to know for sure. The star of our dinner was the white fish in Lebanese sauce. Perfectly done and seasoned, it literally melts in your mouth. The Greek Tazaki was absolutely unforgettable. Also try the Risotto and for dessert the awesome Ice Cream Cake. The service is excellent and the waiters seem to be well versed in the cuisines they serve as well the menu. The menu itself is quite descriptive and almost makes an interesting read. I took my kids along and they had just as much a good time as I did. The waiters paid special attention to them and one even gave one them a little info on the Mediterranean. We were also entertained by a live band and very good singer. She sang several songs to the tunes of popular English numbers. All in all this restaurant is a definite must try! A far cry from the unoriginal and ordinary fare that is so common in Chennai.

Cream Centre

"A vegetarian's delight!" 22 Dec 2008
Finally a place that vegetarians can call home. The ambiance, cleanliness and service are refreshingly different. The menu crosses borders with all American favorites to Chaats and Channa Bhatura. As a starter my favorite was the nachos doused in a cheesy sauce. Another starter; the Indian-born American cheese balls with bits of chili was yummy. The chili addition made it very suited to the Indian palate. For the main course try the pasta dishes. The pasta was actually aldente and tasty, not over or underdone like in most other places. For the finale try the eggless sizzler chocolate fudge brownie, moist and sticky floating in a fudge sauce. It was a great complement to the meal. Although truly it may have been a bit too sweet for my liking. The service does deserve an honorable mention. The waiters were polite and prompt despite the crowds. The restaurant is child friendly, a big plus considering my life. A minute too late and you might have to join the long line of diners waiting to be seated. Some waited an hour to be seated on the night we were there. Finally we vegetarians have a clean sophisticated value for money restaurant.

Cholayil Sanjeevanam

"A bellyfull of Ayurveda" 23 Dec 2008
Now finally a healthy Ayurvedic meal catering to the health nut. Hopefully this is a revolution in the making and we will have more of such restaurants. But until then Cholayil will have to do. For a measly Rs. 100 you can get the "Special" Ayurvedic meal and at Rs. 90 for the "Ordinary" Ayurvedic meal, the food is a steal. The meals are served in courses and each course might have multiple items. The waiter instructs you on the order in which each part is to be consumed. So don't drink the green soup before the red, until or unless told to!! The special meal begins with two pieces of "nedhram" (Kerala plantain) banana with bits of coconut scraping on it. The second course is a variety of juices, ranging from nut milk, date juice, pomegranate juice to even the water drained from a pot cooking rice. All juices were served in teeny weeny glasses. The waiter suggested the order of consumption and of course I followed suit finishing one juice before starting the other. The juices are followed by a vast variety of vegetable dishes, some of which were tasty and delicious. Then comes the rice. You can choose from white (the not so healthy) or the (real healthy) red rice. The rice is accompanied by a lightly spiced rasam, a raita (Yogurt sauce) and a dhal (lentil soup). The portions are big, one can eat like a king and the quantities are unlimited. The dessert is a delicious payasam made with jaggery ( sugar in its rawest form). The meal is indeed sumptuous but catered more to one who is keen on health food and willing to experiment with subtle flavours. But for those not so adventurous Cholayil also offers non-Ayurvedic food on its menu. The place is crowded on Sunday afternoons and getting a place is next to impossible. Reservations are not permitted either, so its first come, first serve basis. Now for the not so nice part of the experience. Being a stickler for cleanliness I need to point out the restroom facilities. The washroom needs renovation and rigorous cleaning. If hygiene is maintained this would be a great restaurant for a health freak. Also I think it would have served the place well to dwell a bit more on the concept. There is no attention to ambiance or no detail pointing to its Ayurvedic leanings. Ayurvedic teachings tell us how each person's body composition is different and how that determines the kind of treatment or food the person should have. So an in house Ayurvedic doctor who could help cater the meal to our individual composition or disposition might make it all the more "Special"! The interesting thing is the attached massage,skin and hair care section- all Ayurvedic. I have not tried any of the massages but notice that they do have a large foreign clientele. One can head for a full body massage before the the jumbo health meal. The retail section might also have you leave with a bag full of Ayurvedic oils that promise the earth. I do hope this sets off a trend in health food. I know I will be a regular customer.

The EcoNut

"Great selection of organic foods!" 05 May 2009
This unpretentious and unassuming store is one of my favorite stores when I am looking to buy healthy. Everything here is organic and/or healthy. The items are neatly packed and labeled. There are foods for the weight conscious, diabetics, hypertensives or just plain health conscious. The owners are friendly and helpful, ready to offer advice. Definitely drop by!