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Reviews Posted by: Wasim

16 Reviews

Tuscana Pizzeria

"Great Lasagnas and Tiramisu!" 04 Feb 2010
Tuscana Pizzeria is a new joint venture between the Subway India Franchisee's Vipin Sachdev and the (former) Executive chef at 601, Park- Chef Willy. Hosted at a prime location at Wallace Gardens bordering Egmore and Nungambakkam in Chennai in an already happening food scene comprising of Subway, Mocha, Casa Picola, Coffee Day, a new Mexican restaurant called Texas Fiesta and Cascade (to name just a few), this new outlet could give a few restaurants a run for their money. The decor is simple, elegant and impressive, although once seated you will definitely wish that the next table was slightly far away. The small outdoor seating near the wood fire ovens too give you a similar feeling. On weekends, getting a seat without reservation has obscene waiting times and this does speak something about the restaurant. It also emits a 'I am expensive' stamp to it and the menu will confirm it for you. 3 of us headed out and were lucky to enter in at 645 PM, and lucky to get seated immediately on a Friday evening. From 715 PM, the place was packed. Our orders were simple, a BBQ chicken pizza, a classic mozzarella pizza, a chicken lasagna and one Tiramisu to finish it off. The pizzas arrive in quick time - classical thin crust pizza, each priced over Rs 450. Touted to be an upmarket Italian joint, I must say that the pizzas do not live up to what it is made out to be. Yes, they are thin crust, but the pizza sauce base used is far from either authentic or tasty. Portion of chicken used is not impressive at all and other than the olive oil and herbs on the table, there is nothing much in the pizza. They are so thin that someone with an average appetite can eat about 1.5 of those pizzas and still save space for a drink and dessert. Paying so much, I would expect to have a better pizza base and more meat on the pizza or at least a better tasting pizza. But the lasagna and the tiramisu emit an entirely different picture all together! The lasagna was definitely one of the best I have ever had among my travel experiences world wide and definitely the best in Chennai, hands down. The layering of the sheets was perfect, the amount of meat inside perfect and the quantity and serving of the sauces brilliant. It was a complete package and at Rs 510 a piece, it is small, but then the taste is so good that you would not mind paying so much, unlike the pizzas. The tiramisu that we had was again a great dish - perfect flavor and strength of coffee and great mix of cream layered to perfection. While I cannot say that this is the best tiramisu, this is definitely up there!!! Service was prompt and attentive and I had no complaints, but then we went early and ordered early. Ambiance is upmarket and acceptable except for the closeness to the next table, but this is Chennai Central and space is hard to find. I would like to go back and try a lot more of the dishes, but it is too expensive for a casual outing. If they work on their pizzas, this place is set to do very well, but you will find a lot of negative reviews as almost everyone is upset with the pizzas that they do not try other stuff here - a perfectly valid argument to give negative reviews in a food scene like Chennai with not too many authentic joints, pizzas do hold a key place in the Italian food scene here. Two pizzas, a lasagna and one tiramisu cost us Rs 1950, which is definitely expensive! Food - 6/10 (overall, but lasagna and tiramisu 9/10) Service 7/10 Ambiance- 7/10 Price- 6/10 Tuscana Pizzeria is located in Wallace Gardens,(in the old Levis showroom), on the road connecting Khader Nawaz Khan road and Wallace Gardens. Check out my blog at for more!

Six-O-One [601]

"Loved the lobster!" 05 Feb 2010
601, the 24 hour coffee shop at THE PARK has had a history of fluctuating reviews and opinions, but on the Sunday that I landed there, I caught them on their good days I guess, as I was taken through a wonderful food experience. 4 adults and 1 kid we were, extremely hungry as we were heading for a late lunch at about 4 PM! We were seated with no hassles and ordered some fresh orange juice to start our meal. We skipped the starters and headed straight to the main course and ordered a barrage of sea food stuff- boiled lobster, roasted salmon, grilled tiger prawns with crab cakes, fish n chips, one kids meal- fried fish, and one land animal- tenderloin steak! The lobster was shown to us and at 515 grams, was the perfect size for meal that was not too expensive, I am not particularly in favor of lobsters greater than 1 kg in size! This lobster was boiled to the PERFECT consistency and flavor- some great lemon garlic and cheese, and this is definitely among the best lobsters I have eaten world wide! The grilled prawns were fantastic and so were the crab cakes. The roasted salmon was very bad- the fish was not fresh, had a funny smell, was served with a barrage of salads and nothing else and was a bad order. The beef tenderloin awesome and the caramelized beet root and the baked cheese that was served with it were brilliant too.The fried fish for the kid was pretty good, but the fish n chips was not great at all, it was just a fish fillet dipped in flour and fried and there are much better ones in Chennai, but the other 3 dishes really blew our minds! We were so full that we did not have space for desserts. The place is definitely expensive, the above dishes coming up to Rs 7200! Service was average as it was an odd time to be at a restaurant, but hey this is 24 hour coffee shop in a star hotel, so I did expect more! Food 8/10 for the 4 good dishes, 5/10 for the other two! Ambiance 7/10 Price 6/10 Service 6/10 601 is the 24 hour coffee shop at THE PARK hotel on Nungambakkam High Road! For more restaurant reviews, check out my blog

Chin Chin

"Surprisingly good Chinese" 13 Feb 2010
This is a very old restaurant at THE RESIDENCY hotel in T Nagar. A pretty neat place with a dedicated fan following till a few years when the quality dwindled and then the whole hotel was renovated! 4 of us decided on a rendezvous with Chin Chin and what a surprise it turned out to be! The place looks smaller than the old restaurant, but elegantly decorated, though they could have done much better, considering the whole hotel underwent renovation. The tables were too close to each other and we were lucky to be at the top end, otherwise except for the family tables, privacy is a compromise! We are talking about good food and not 'authentic' Chinese, so please do not expect the review to be based on authenticity, but just good Indo-Chinese fare! We started of 1/2 portion each of Hot n Sour soup and Sweet corn chicken soup and both were fabulous! The starters included a portion each of dragon chicken, phuket fish and crispy fried lamb. The chicken was great, cooked to perfection, the lamb was the best of the starters with a fantastic crispy consistency, while the phuket fish was fresh, well made and tasted great! For the main course, we had chicken noodles, mixed fried rice and chilly chicken. All three were decent, nothing much to talk about, but were of good portions and tasted good. We finished with fried ice cream and date pancakes. The date pancakes were fantastic and definitely among the best in Chennai. I am presuming that all the Chinese restaurants in Chennai are sourcing the fried ice creams from one supplier, for otherwise I can't explain why would they all taste the same!!!! It was pretty much like how it is served in most other places. Price was 4 star, the total for the above items coming to Rs 2350.Service was a little slow, but table service was alright, however they really have to improve a few notches in the service department. The bill took ages to come. The place was not packed on a Saturday evening and I guess the news of the rejuvenated restaurant has not yet passed around! Would definitely like to go back there for good Chinese. Cascade in Numgambakkam now has competition!!! Food 8/10 Service 6/10 Ambiance 6/10 Price 7/10 Chin Chin is the Chinese restaurant of THE RESIDENCY HOTEL, in T. Nagar, Chennai More reviews at

Cascade - Nungambakkam

"Large portions, Decent food!" 13 Feb 2010
One of the Oldest Fine Dining Restaurants in the city, Cascade has been a favourite among elite food lovers for a very very long time. It has had its ups and downs and a change of location too, but the quality has been maintained all along. Known for its HUGE portions of food, the place is a bad idea if just two people are pay a visit, as you will not be able to do justice to the food and its quantity and will turn out to be expensive unless you are both big eaters. So its a bad choice for a date, but if a group of people are getting here, its worth every penny you spend. Soups are excellent and come in large quantities. Don't even think of having a bowl of soup all by yourself. The waiters will advice you to order one portion of soup for 3 or even 4 people. You will be served empty soup bowls and a barrel of soup will follow. The soups are priced between Rs 140 and Rs 160, but considering the fact that almost three people can have full bowls of soup, it is actually cheap. The starters are alright and do not have the huge portions. On weekdays you even get a complimentary starter if you are a group of three or more. The basket chicken is a nice delightful starter and so are the golden friend prawns. The fried wantons are alright. The main course is HUGE in portions. The Shanghai rice here is superb with portions to satisfy 3 people. Noodles and fried rice are very good. The mixed noodles with chicken, mutton and prawns are very very nice. Among the side dishes, the chilly beef sauce is the best where as the ginger garlic prawns are great too. You can also get entrees but I have not tried any of them here. Most of the dishes are priced between Rs 140 and Rs 220 and have pretty huge portions, can easily serve about 3 people (considering you are eating a lot of other stuffs too) Desserts are pretty good too. The fried ice cream that is usually good in most Chinese restaurants is a big disappointment here. How ever the fried wantons with ice creams, the date pancake and the litchi with ice cream are all good enough to wash down the food. Overall a great place to dine in a group so that you can order more varieties and share. Service is not bad. Food 7/10 Service 7/10 Ambiance- At Nungambakkam 7/10, At Besant Nagar 5/10 Cascade is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road in Nungambakkam above Man Mandir, at Besant Nagar and at Quality Inn Sabari Hotel near Vidhyodhaya School. The above review is based on the resto in Nungambakkam, the one at Besant Nagar is outright bad and I have not visited the one in Quality Inn Sabari.

Dosa Calling

"Could be better........" 13 Feb 2010
Dosa Calling, a south Indian vegetarian outlet, has had be wanting to get there for a long time, and when the wife and me were both hungry and it was right across the road on which we were driving, we obviously could not resist it! Wife is not a great eater, which means that between the two of us, we ordered only 3 dosas and 1 vada, of which I ate two dosas and the vada, so the review is limited to these foods! The oriental dosa which I ordered was nothing to boast about, but a decent dish by any standards-tasty, filling and hint of home food. The regular masala dosa that the wife ordered, but just that- a regular masala dosa, again, tasty, filling and a hint of home food! But one dish where you do not want the hint of home food is in a paper roast, you really want it crisp and crunchy, but DC (as this joint promotes itself) went a tad further and made it like a home dosa, soft, soggy with no hint of anything near crisp paper, and I made sure I wrote it down on their feed back form!Prices are pocket friendly but the special stuffing dosas are slightly on the higher side, but not exorbitant! Service was prompt and attentive and the decor very good. The place is slightly off from the usual Chennai food joints, located at Kilpauk and the their outlet in Nelson Manickam Road has been shut due to some problem, so its time for them to expand and do it soon! Food 6/10 Service 7/10 Ambiance 7/10 Price 7/10 Dosa Calling is located in Kilpauk, near the OLD UMA THEATRE. Another branch opened up on Nelson Manickam Road, but has been temporarily shut. Visit for more reviews