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1 Reviews

The Egg Factory

"Eggciting New Menu!" 10 Feb 2010
I have been to The Egg Factory many times and it has never failed to impress me! Every time I go there, I fall in love with their food! Again and yet again!!! The Smoothies, Frittatas, Sandwich, Pastas, Curry Combos and the Desserts have been liked not just by me but the friends who’ve accompanied me as well. It was quite a while since I treated myself here and I could not wait any longer! My colleague and I walked up to TEF. Thank God, it isn’t very far from my office. We reached before 1PM and it wasn’t too crowded by then. The black board there displayed lots of new additions and most of it was curries. My colleague started looking at the manual alike menu and the waiter handed over a menu. Voila! This was a all new menu exclusively for Pasta. You would also notice a small menu on the table which displays an array of new drinks and desserts. My colleague and I who’ve become slightly health conscious off late, opted for What’s Up Doc and Cool Cucumber respectively. The former is made with carrot and watermelon where as the latter is cucumber juice mixed with soda. Both were fresh and there was a huge relief as it cooled us down after a walk in the hot sun during the noon. For main course, my colleague wanted custom made Frittata – it had mushroom, spinach, onion and loads of other things. He wanted Brown / Multi-grain bread along with it and not the regular one. The waiters were courteous enough to immediately replace the same. Also, he wanted his frittata only with egg white and NO yolk in it. This was taken care as well. Mine was the Tasty Tomato Pasta. I was badly attracted towards the Mushroom Pasta with Cheese listed below this. But, my diet had a better influence on me that day than the temptation. But, no regrets! My Tasty Tomato Pasta was the best. It tasted extremely delicious. The accompaniment was the crispy Garlic Bread The pasta was so filling and delicious, there was nothing more required for me. If you are planning to come alone and are confused as to what to order, just don’t worry. Pick anything from the list and that will just fill your stomach. That’s what happened to me! The Pasta was so filling, the quantity was perfect for my appetite. My colleague wanted an omelet after the frittata. This was again customized with quite a few things he wanted in it with the caramelized onions on the top. This time again, it was egg whites only and brown bread as the accompaniment for him. Last time, I had tried Zabaglione, a dessert made using eggs. It was one of its kind for me and was loved by all my companions. But, I guess its not available any more :( It was in a way good for me as I would have drooled and binged into this dessert otherwise. If there’s an option, I would still love to relish it during my non-dieting days. Overall, the new menu combined with the old menu has been totally impressing. The service continues to be impeccable and courteous as ever. The food is always made fresh and served. A meal for 2 would approximately cost Rs.500+ An apt place to enjoy food – be it breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner!!