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Reviews Posted by: Chawla

18 Reviews

Golden Dragon - Rajouri Garden

"Good Far-east cuisine at the Westgate" 29 Apr 2009
The restaurant is located in the upper level of the mall just below the theatre. The decor is impressive although the restaurant is a wee bit small. When full it an feels quite tight. The food though is pretty good. Go here for some good regular Chinese food. This place is not a fine dining restaurant with unique dishes and flavors but rather a place to true and tried Indo-Chinese food. We ordered some Sweet corn Chicken soup, American Chopsuey and ice cream with lychees for dinner. A small lunch but quite tasty and satisfying. The soup was very tasty and with my own seasoning concoction it was even better. The Chopsuey was large and enough for the two of us. Once again tasty enough for us to finish it all. The dessert (lychee with icecream) of course was a no brainer. Really isn't something to judge a restaurant by, so will reserve comment on it. All in all, a good place to eat at when you are at the mall or looking for some good Chinese in a comfortable and neat setting.

Super Stars

"Super Ordinary but...." 15 Sep 2009
Well, this place really is ordinary but it could be a lot of fun if you play pool or want a neat place to watch some sports viz a viz a guys hang out! The food is decent. So plan your meal around the sports and this place could go from super ordinary to super fun!

Berco's - Noida

"Overheard....." 15 Sep 2009
So I haven't yet been to this place and yes it might be unfair to rate or review the restaurant. But, I have heard some really vehement oppostion to this ever being a dining option, thought I must pass it on. Apparently its not what it used to be and is severely lacking in the quality of service. So visit with caution if you must :)

On Toes

"Comfortable and fun!" 28 Sep 2009
A while ago when visiting Mumbai, a friend of our took us there. Had a pretty sweet time. Good music, good food and comfortable interiors. I would say its a great place to take friends and just hangout. A nice place to have in your neighbourhood to just be able to pop in.

Infantaria Cafe

"Great all day dining!" 21 Dec 2009
Great place to get a meal almost any time of the day. Evenings are especially fun when they have live music. The food is of great value. Their seafood platter is large and tasty. Dinner time seems to be their busiest, still a great option in North Goa