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About me  I am a foodie by heart and a content writer cum manager by profession. Besides food, my passions are travel, photography and writing. Find out more about me on my own website at
Favorite Grub  Shawarma, Chicken Biryani, Chole Bhature

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897 Reviews

Snack Bar

"A gem of a place!" 12 Jul 2011
Snack bar as the name suggest is a, well, a snack bar! Pastas, pizzas, burgers, rolls, shakes and many small items maketh this place a wonderful hangout even for the most diehard fans of snacks! They have an extensive menu and while a lot of items are good, some are just average. We always love to start our meals with the Kit Kat shake. Chunks of kit kat make this a must have drink, no matter what time of the day. Follow it up with a chef’s special pizza or even the mayo sandwich and Rolls which are heavenly to say the least. Most pizzas and all the burgers are strictly ok here though. Wish they were wood fried but given the lack of space it is understandable. Also, there needs to be some seating arrangement if possible. It has great customer service even though the seating space is limited which makes this place so much more awesome! Don't forget to tip the boys here and they will make sure the next time you visit, you have some good food and more importantly a place to sit!

Ashmick's Snack Shack

"Good snacks!" 12 Jul 2011
Snack Shack is a relief in Pali Naka from the Indian and South East Asian cuisine invaders. Unfortunately only open for lunch this place packs a punch. The Parsee food for vegetarians is close to authentic and the non vegetarian food is excellent. All other snacks, including burgers (no, not the beef ones) are excellent as well. They have the best chocolate mousse in town. You get the usual patra ni macchi and mutton dhansak as well but they are mostly on order. The food isn't very cheap at over Rs.250 per dish but most people here prefer their snacks including cutlets, rolls, wraps and even croissants. Price of the snacks isn't much at around Rs.10-50 which is a steal even for a locality like Bandra.

Jai Hind Lunch Home

"Heaven for seafood lovers" 27 Aug 2010
Jai Hind lunch home has been the restaurant of choice for as long as I have been visiting Blue Frog nearby. And with my office right opposite the restaurant, I have more opportunities now to try out their fare! Have always loved their biryanis - be it chicken, prawns or Mutton. Love the fresh raita they serve with their biryanis. Don't forget to try their fish starters/main course. They generally don't mind showing you the fish before they cook it which is great stuff really! Jai Hind is heaven for fish lovers and you may just find a lot of Bengalis queuing up here. Don't forget to check out their simple fish fry or the prawns fry either. You may never have fish anywhere else after this!

Bistro Grill

"Bistro Grill - Authentic Arabic Cusine at its Indian best!" 06 Jul 2010
Bistro Grill is an Arabic restaurant and has come a long way since it first opened in Juhu. Back then, Bistro Grill was just a road side restaurant with a limited menu, zero ambiance but awesome food! Bistro Grill has been expanded and is pretty popular with the masses. The restaurant is popular so either go in early or reserve a table beforehand. We were lucky to enter early so found the entire restaurant to ourselves. Bistro Grill is divided into three broad sections. When you enter, you enter the restaurant. Adjacent to the restaurant is the private dining area and behind it is the sports bar. We seated ourselves in the restaurant section and were greeted by a smiling North East Indian lady. Bistro Grill serves alcohol but instead we ordered for a couple of milkshakes - Bruce and Super Star. Both drinks are made out of actual fruit pulp (delicious!). The Super Star is a Banana, Mango, Strawberry Pulp with cream, nuts and honey. Bruce is again Mango juice with slices of Pineapple and Banana. The drinks are freshly prepared and contained vanilla ice cream. For starters we decided to gorge on the Chicken Manakeesh made of minced chicken and served on baked dough. Manakeesh is served like a 6 inch pizza. Wish we knew this before placing an order for a pizza along with the Manakeesh. So the pizza-like appetizer was followed by an actual 10 inch pizza and this time it had cheese on it! Topped with Mozeralla, the Chicken Lebanese Pizza was very nice. The pizza here is excellent with liberal dose of cheese. Roasted Chicken, Mozeralla Cheese and some hummus accompanied with the Pizza was well worth the money. Bistro Grill seems to be serving hummus with everyone cuisine. They probably got it wrong but what the hell, I love it so no complaints! Overall Ratings: Food: 4.5/5: Excellent Food. Hummus served is freshly made! Ambiance: 4/5: Life music, great settings. Perfect for a date, meeting or a family dinner. Service: 5/5: The service overall is excellent. The waiters are pretty helpful and know what is served here.


" Good chicken roll and chicken kasha" 06 Jul 2010
When Hangla's opened their outlet in Bandra, it was a relief for some bongs in my office to have a Bengali outlet close to work. I couldn't help but check it out myself, I tried the Double Chicken Roll. With 10 pieces of chicken and the option to drape the roti with egg, the double Chicken Roll makes for an really good lunch! It was an absolute delight having the roll that never seemed to get over! I also tried the Chicken Kasha and Laccha Paratha. The Lachha Paratha was thin and tasted like home made paratha. A half plate costs INR 70 coupled with Laccha Paratha worth INR 20. One round of Chicken Kasha is enough to fill anyone's tummy. Besides the chicken dishes, also tried the Fish Chop which is prepared from Bhetki Fish. The chop is accompanied by mustard sauce which is bought all the way from Bengal. The Fish was very tasty! Ratings: Food: 5/5 - Excellent. Kudos to Hangla's for bring out the glutton in me ;) . Service: 4/5 - Great! The guys at the counter are very friendly and love feeding you! Do visit my blog on