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About me  I love food...I also love cooking food....I also love writing about food....
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Reviews Posted by: Parvathy

6 Reviews

Bistro Grill-n-More

"The Arabic influence..." 30 Jun 2008
If you happen to be at Nirmal Lifestyle, and you feel the pangs of hunger in your stomach....and you want to stray away from the mundane stuff that you regularly eat, start walking towards Bistro, Grill-n-More for some good Arabic cuisine. Now where do you begin? Simple! Call for the menu. If you know Arabic, great, if you don’t, no problem. The menu explains the ingredients that go into the making of the dish. In the beverage section, you have the Laban, Arabic buttermilk. This drink is like our very own chaas, but the spices and herbs used for seasoning are totally different and quite refreshing. Though the place is popular for its sizzlers, I found the Kabsa (Biryani) also interesting and delectable. The shawarma here, though, is not really up to the mark. But, what I found most appealing were the Oriental Chicken Salad, Manakeesh Chicken and Coconut Cream Caramel. Oriental Chicken Salad is a delight to eat, with the crunchy grilled chicken pieces blended well with salad greens, cucumber, bell peppers and black olives. This salad is served with Arabic pita bread. It’s a must-try. Manakeesh Chicken is another must-try. It is seasoned chicken mince on fresh baked dough. An important accompaniment with all these dishes is the Labaneh, a thick creamy, mildly spiced cheese dip. But all prizes go to this dessert called Coconut Cream Caramel. It’s a distant cousin of our very own caramel custard, but the coconut cream in it makes it exotic. You have to taste it to feel the flavour of pure coconut cream that melts magically on your taste buds. The rates are pretty reasonable. The ambience is good, though the place does not boast of a large area. They have separate smoking area, and also a few diwans outside, in case you want to watch people walking by when you devour the dishes. And the best part about this fare is that your stomach does not get a bloated feeling after you are full. So, if you feel like checking out Arabic cuisine before you get that visa for Dubai, try Bistro at Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund. By the way, they also have outlets at Thane, Dahisar, Malad and Juhu.

FUEL Lounge

"Adda party......." 14 Jul 2008 you want to get together for a small party? Well, lets see! If you are somewhere close to Vikhroli, Powai, Bhandup or even Mahakali or can choose to have that get-together at FUEL. Its a lounge bar. And guess what....they have conveniently timed their happy hours. FUEL has a very warm ambience with nice lighting, friendly staff and good music. Oops! When I say good music, I'm not including the latest, raunchy Bollywood numbers, because they avoid that genre here. The food is moderately priced, but the quantity is less. Now, what do you look out for? FUEL does not boast of a very arty cocktail counter. Here, most people generally stick to beer, but I love having Breezers here, especially Jamaican Passion. They have some good starters too. Tex Mex Chicken Sausages and Lahori Prawns are good. They also have good sizzlers. Hey! Don't come out without trying their Scotched Eggs. I just freak out on them. Its plain boiled eggs coated with seasoned meat mince and cut into halves. An absolutely wonderful accompaniment with my Breezer. Gosh! How can I forget their Chicken Bruschetta? And if you want to add some more romance to it, have plain Bruschetta with Chicken Lasagne. The best way to devour this dish is to have a bite of the Bruschetta Bread and then a generous spoonful serving of some Lasagne. Huh! Let me share a secret...I don't know whats with this place, but here, I get stoned very quickly.Its the right place to be if you have a huge gang of friends waiting to have some real fun. You know those adda gangs we just head towards FUEL and rock the night! But hey! You can also have cosy twosomes here....

Cafe Coffee Day

"Devil's Own Coffee" 30 Jul 2008
I like Cafe Coffee Day at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, because........ (Complete the slogan in six-seven words). Not possible! How can you express yourself about espressos in six-seven words? And how can you describe the crowd and the ambiance? And what about those tinned Honey and Choco Chips cookies. Ehh…Did I mention the yummy sandwiches and sizzling sundaes? In fact, how dare someone ask me to describe the feeling at Cafe Coffee Day in six-seven words? I like this place for several reasons. The blend of teenagers and oldies make it a warm place to hang around. The comfortable cane couches with cushions are a treat to any tiring day. The staff is always ready to serve you with a smile. And you get good Corn Spinach Sandwiches and tasty Chicken Pizzas. Team it up with a coffee of your choice. I like the Café Mocha and Iced Eskimo here. The Litchi Frappe is also a hit…but the ‘Eve’s Sin Award’ goes to Devil’s Own….hmmmm….its sinful! A perfect combination of cream and coffee, drenched with chocolate sauce and a topping of whipped cream and coffee beans. It’s like a fantasy. And every time I order for the Devil’s Own, I see my gym instructor’s face on the cream topping. But who cares? Forbidden coffee has always been enjoyed, since Adam’s times. Some of you may not like it, as it also gives a bitter taste at times, but I freak out on the smell and the taste. For those of you, who haven’t tried the Corn Spinach Sandwiches, please give it a shot, its really nice. And that too at very reasonable prices. What else does one need to be happy? I like Cafe Coffee Day at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, because…here it’s just me and my coffee! Hey…I completed the slogan.

Papa Johns

"Show me something else!" 19 Jul 2008
The first thing I noticed about this place is that, unlike the other pizza joints, their menu was not largely indianized. Doesn't matter, as pizzas are definitely not Indian. What do I recommend? I had a salad, The Grilled Crunchy Country Chicken Salad, with island dressing. It was good. The pizzas were not really great....maybe the better ingredients were in the better pizza, the one that I did not order. Apparently, some people told me that Papa John's is known only for its Tikka Pizza (Chicken) and Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks. The faaaaaaaaaaaaar from being a treat to the tastebuds. The menu does not offer a great variety either. Sometimes I feel that what their byline means to say is that "If you put better ingredients, you'll get better pizza". They know it, even I do....but are they really doing it?

The Kerala Ayurvedic Health Spa

"...experience total health" 18 Jul 2008
"Gift Health"....thats what the byline says. Indeed! The Kerala Ayurvedic Health Spa stands for everything that encompasses total health. Be it ayurvedic massages, traditional medicines or treatment of health disorders - they have it all. I had a wonderful experience at The Kerala Ayurvedic Health Spa in Thane. Nestled amidst the towering structures of Hiranandani Estate, the surroundings too were a treat to the eyes. I had opted for 'Pizhichil' which involves a lukewarm oil treatment to relieve fatigue. What I gained was a stress free mind and beautiful skin. Another experience was that of 'Tala Pothichil'. Here, the hair is covered with a herbal paste, and the results - reduces hair fall and induces good sleep. Apart from these you have several other therapies to choose from. The 'Kalyana Sougandhika' is a good 7-day package for brides-to-be. Then you have the 'Tejas' for your eyes, ears and throat. I feel this place has a lot to offer in the stress-filled lives that we lead......a must experience! Though slightly expensive...