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Reviews Posted by: Jks

7 Reviews

Wasabi by Morimoto

Grossly over rated resturaunt. having lived in Japan for several years and a great admirer of the cuisine, i must say, the presentation here lacks imaginantion, the food, even less. Even for a novice, nothing here exites the imaginations. Besides the name, the only thing here that is 5 Star is the prices, and therfore the SNOB value and a great place for the people who have no clue what japanese food is all about....

China House

"Limited Menu" 04 Aug 2008
Great ambiance, great seating. But the menu is way too limited in comparison the name and the size of the eatery. So is turns out to be a great first time place to go, and again maybe a year later. They could well do revamp the menu.

Zodiac Grill

"TOP CLASS" 04 Aug 2008
One of the finest dining experience in India. Great food and great service. If you can impress the chef to do some thing off the menu, you will be truly impressed. Even if you cant, the menu is great and not complicated and really easy on the taste bugs. Great wine selection as well. Ideal for a private romantic evening, or great to impress your clients.


"BALLISIMO" 04 Aug 2008
ABSOLUTELY the best wood fired cooked Pizza Margarita in the world. ( plain with black and green olives and a glass or Pinot Grigio) Truly one of teh great Italian places in Mumbai, or in India for all that matters. Although the menu is quite restricted but extremely well selected. Highly recommended for the connoisseur.

San Qi

"TRENDY" 05 Aug 2008
An excellent Open glass Concept Restaurant and Bar. Good Japanese food and above all a great Fell Good environment. The Bar counter is quite comfortable and a great place to have a few drinks before you get to your table.