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Reviews Posted by: Neha

11 Reviews

Punjabi by Nature

"Luxurious Punjabi Food" 05 Aug 2008
The ambience is large and loud.... Popular punjabi music is played to add to the punjabi feel... For drinks I tried the 'gol gappa shots'- gol gappas with vodka for kicks..must try it for fun...although not the best tasting gol gappas in the world... The Amritsari magaz masala was great ...Butter chicken was a lil disappointing... For vegetarians the tandoori brocolli is a great pick... Overall a boisterous and true punjabi experience of enjoying food living life to the fullest...

Cafe Turtle - Greater Kailash II

"A hideaway" 06 Aug 2008
Cafe turtle is a perfect getaway for a quiet and peaceful summer brunch... Located on top of Full circle bookstore, you can start with a trip to the bookstore.. The stationary and gift section is on the next floor which is treat for organic stuff lovers has foods, oils, candles and organic beauty essentials... The cafe is located on the floor above it. It is not a large place and has limited seating, which compliments its serenity...The menu is not too elaborate, but good enough to enjoy a quiet meal... The soups are great to start with. My fav are the corn quiche and the pasta with bruchetta ...And no meal is complete without a perfect sweet something..I have tried the carrot cake which is quite decent.. For a heads up , its not like the conventional cafes such as barista etc, and the food choices are a little limited too, but its all about the atmosphere..It makes you forget that you are sitting in G.K..

Kasa Gelato - Khan Market

"Ice cream mania" 06 Aug 2008
I came across this unique ice cream joint only 2 yrs back..My sister took me here and it was quite popular amongst her frens who studied in south Delhi.. It not a proper ice cream parlor like Baskin n robins..not at all like that..It is placed in the corner of a street just opposite Ravi baja's store in an icream stall basically..but not to be missed. I could not believe that they could have all exotic flavors like Belgian chocolate, After eight, Tiramisu and many more which I don rem'ber just in that small stall... Although I am not a very ice cream person, it is quite an experience to enjoy such unique flavors of icecream from the most unexpected places...Treat yourself with a n ice cream in a sunny afternoon after all the shopping... Or I guess u could start with a scoop too :)


"Desi Icecream at its best" 14 Aug 2008
Gianni's has the most amazing ice creams in the whole world!! The ice creams are in unique flavors..Leaves a delectable taste in your mouth.. Its never enough to enjoy a cup/ we always takeaway some to savor it at home.. It is place for true Indian style ice-creams, so creamy and tasty... The fudge brownie and coffee walnut are my favs...The kulfi faluda is very popular too... The place is always buzzin during evenings be it a weekday or weekend... So be prepared to stand in long waitings before you get some of your fav mouthwatering delightful cups of ice creams...

Pudding and Pie

"Feast for the soul" 25 Jan 2009
This was started as venture by a very close friend’s mom around 10 years back, when she first started baking cakes for our school teachers as a holiday gift for Christmas (as we were in a Christian school), just to get her kids earn some extra credit points, just kidding . I have known this family even before they started this business and one thing I have seen over all these years and am so certain about is the care and meticulousness put into creating each and every cake, cookies , all breads and all other savories. The unique quality is unquestionable and the alluring taste leaves you just longing for more each time you try something new. The bakery has stood the test of time by providing excellent and consistent dishes which are reasonably-priced and is always a treat for the taste buds. We started ordering their cakes as holiday gifts for Diwali, and soon the entire family chain got enticed with their mouthwatering cakes and desserts. Even after almost 6 to 7 years of consistently ordering their cakes for Diwali, all our family and friends look forward to my parents bringing over another mouth- watering delectable cake from their bakery. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, even my engagement and my wedding, their no place I could more trust to create the most sumptuous cakes, candies, chocolates and cookies for the special occasion. Even my husband, who apparently has a sweet tooth too has become a big fan of all their cakes and desserts. Coming to what you must must try from their oh so long menu, is the Lemon Meringue Cake, Walnut Cinnamon Cake, Mocha Rum Pie, Almond Fudge and Tiramisu. All are my favs, and I can go on with the list. My mouth is actually watering as I am pinning down the list. They are apparently catering to well known restaurants some which I know are pizza hut and TGIF which signifies their success over the years. I can go on raving about all the sumptuous food, but you got to have it to believe it. So all you Delhites who have missed out on the most amazing desserts in the city, go try it for yourself and join the squad !!!