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Reviews Posted by: Ahad

3 Reviews

Wasabi by Morimoto

"Best Japanese this side of the Sun" 06 Aug 2008
What can I say? Chef Morimoto (of Iron Chef fame) owned sushi joint at the Taj Mahal Palace is true to the core. No chicken sushi, or other weird Indian-ized concoctions. Pure fresh sashimi also available and the rolls are to die for. The only drawback? NOTHING. Well.... just to give you an idea of how good this place is.... Nobu is an Internationally renowned Japanese chain... Chef Morimoto used to be the head chef in one.,.. till the Taj lured him to Mumbai. And i am thankful they did. The food is incredible... most of the ingredients are flown in daily from Europe and Australia. Recommendations - the Beef and White Fish Carpaccio are outstanding, The shrimp tempura is delectable and you have to try the Sushi platter... the spicy tuna being the highlight. Add some chilled sake to that and your meal is complete. The best part is that the food does not weigh you down...ideal for a early weekend dinner before heading out to Prive or Shiro.

Japengo Cafe

"Not For Everyone" 26 Oct 2008
A well lit, modern design outlook to this place. Not bad, in terms of design, seats made my back hurt though Japengo location happily flaunts a fundamental restaurant rule: focus on food from a particular region and use d├ęcor and ambience to reinforce its spirit. The menu is extensive, with sections devoted to sushi, sashimi, yakitori, sandwiches, burgers, assorted mezzes and Middle Eastern favourites, pastas, pizzas, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, desserts and coffees. The cuisine is spread around lebanese, japanese, italian and american. quite hodge podge. But i ordered the Salmon Rolls which was decent enough for a person who doesnt have a fair knowledge of how fresh the fish should be. Next up was the California rolls which was well made, but nothing oh! so spectacular. Also ordered the Tempura since wanted no hodge podge in the cuisine i wanted to eat. assorted yakitori platter which was pleasing at little bit on the steeper side, but fair value for money. Service was good and ambience pleasing.


"If You Aint Been Here..God Punish You" 26 Oct 2008
Indigo is owned by Rahul Akerkar who also started up Under the Over(RIP Under the Over) which was one of the most popular restaurants of its time. Indigo is located in a lane behind the Taj. Its the same lane as cotton world and to be honest the lane is really shady. But once you get near Indigo things get a little better. The restaurant is located in an old bungalow. The restaurant occupies the whole bungalow and as a result has a lot of space that it can play around with. The whoel idea of the restaurant in a bungalow is really genius and IMO looks awesome. The interiors are really simple but still extremely classy. When you enter you can see the bar with a couple of low tables. The dining areas are located on the left and right. Overall the ambience is perfect. Nothing fancy and yet at the same time very appealing. Comming to the service. The service here is good but I wouldnt say its outstanding. The waiters were able to reccomend items off the menu but you could tell that they dont really understand the menu that well or probably arent really that passionate about the food. The service however is polite and so thats a good tihng. The food doesnt take too long to arrive which again is a good thing. this restaurant is really out there offering the city exotic foods which is a huge huge bonus. I had a Lobster Bisque which was breathtaking . As for the second course I ordered a Lobster Risotto The risotto was a good to be really honest but then again Im not a big Risotto fan. The next coruse was a juciy Stake with potato thins it was delightful. Other than that the Desert was allright and to be honest Each dish is about 600 and that can go up a lot considering what you order. There are some dishes with some pretty exotic ingridients that are pretty the special menu. At 600 a dish Indigo is really well priced. My whole meal with a soup, maincourse and desert came to 2200 for which really isnt bad at all. I be so quick to add Indigo to my favourite restuanrants yet and ill need to go there a couple more times to understand if it really is the best restaurant in India. Overall though a great restaurant and not at as expensive as some make it out to be.